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ATOS ScanBox Series 5

For complex components of up to 2000 mm in size

ATOS ScanBox 5108


This model is used for inspecting parts up to a size of 800 mm. Due to the small dimensions of the ATOS ScanBox, the system is often used by manufac­turers of turbines, fans, blisks and cast housings. In airfoil inspections, this model can be used for measuring sharp radii in positions and contours with a detail resolution of more than 20 measuring points per millimeter.

ATOS ScanBox 5120


This model is mainly used for larger parts of up to 2000 mm in size, such as interior components of vehicles. However, the ATOS ScanBox 5120 has also proven its efficiency in casting and forging applications such as the inspection of cast parts, sand cores and models.


Inspection integrated into production

For an even higher throughput, the ATOS ScanBox 5108 can be extended by an automated handling system and a pro­grammable logic controller (PLC). The ATOS ScanBox with Batch Processing System enables unmanned loading and unloading and an automated measurement and in­spection according to the inspection plan – for example, for electrode production or quality assurance of turbine blades. This way, manual interventions are reduced and long machining times are guaranteed.

Module system for robot and rotation table

In addition to the robot and the rotation table, the entire control, safety and power electronics system is located in or on the modules, which are the size of a Euro pallet and which can be easily moved with a pallet truck. The industrial robot used enables an internal cable rout­ing. This ensures that the robot paths computed by Auto Teaching do not lead to a jamming or stretching of the sensor cables. The machine housing is constructed around the modules. This ensures occupational safety in accor­dance with the Machinery Directive.


The series 5 machines are designed in such a way that they can be assembled and dismantled within one day. As no floor anchors are required and transporta­tion is by truck, they can be quickly and easily transported from one location to another.

Technical Specifications

ATOS ScanBox 5108
ATOS ScanBox 5120
2000 × 2550 × 2700 mm³
3300 × 3300 × 2700 mm³
Power supply
200–500 V (3-phase, 16 A)
200–500 V (3-phase, 16 A)
Max. part size
Ø 800 mm
Ø 2000 mm
Max. part weight
300 kg
500 kg
Sliding door with safety switch
Sliding door with safety switch
Opening width
800 mm
1400 mm
Floor mounting or fixturing
Not required
Not required
Loading concept
Manual, transport cart, pallet truck
Sensor compatibility
ATOS Capsule, ATOS Triple Scan, ATOS 5
ATOS Capsule, ATOS Triple Scan, ATOS 5

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