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Automated measurements with Batch Processing System

A batch processing system enables automated loading and unloading of the optical 3D coordinate measuring machine. For this reason, the ATOS ScanBox is extended by a handling system and a PLC Interface Station. The ATOS ScanBox BPS is the solution for full-field digitization of a batch of parts with a height of up to 500 mm.


Autarkic machining time

As the user does not have to place the individual parts, the time required for quality assurance is significantly shorter than before. The ATOS ScanBox BPS measures autarkically up to 11 hours with few operator interventions. Personnel costs are decreased and the machine utilization is increased.

Increased process reliability

Because the parts are marked, for example, with an RFID chip, the system independently detects which measuring program must be executed and which inspections are to be performed. Eliminating the impact of the user on the measurement significantly increases the process reliability.

Production-integrated 3D measurement technology

Robustness, measuring speed and compensation for temperature fluctuations are convincing factors of the ATOS ScanBox BPS in production. Work-intensive transports of a whole batch of parts, electrodes or turbine components are no longer necessary.

Technical Specifications

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