Industrial 3D Scanning Technology


    The ATOS series of industrial optical 3D scanners provide accurate scans with detailed resolution at high speeds. ATOS delivers three-dimensional measurement data and analysis for industrial components such as sheet metal parts, tools and dies, turbine blades, prototypes, injection molded parts, castings, and more. 


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  • ATOS ScanBox

    Optical 3D Measuring Machine


    The ATOS ScanBox is a complete optical 3D measuring machine that was developed by GOM for an efficient quality control in the production and manufacturing process. Nine models are available for different part sizes and applications. 


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  • GOM CT

    Industrial computed tomography


    GOM's computer tomograph is specifically designed to meet the metrological needs of industry. The GOM CT delivers high-precision and repeatable measuring data providing complete surface meshes in maximum resolution. Measurement and evaluation are carried out in a simple workflow supported by GOM Software. 

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    Optical 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine


    The portable TRITOP system measures coordinates of 3D objects quickly and precisely. Measuring tasks that traditionally were performed by tactile 3D coordinate measuring machines can now easily be carried out with the TRITOP system. 


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  • PONTOS Live

    Mobile Optical 3D Measuring System for Online Photogrammetry


    PONTOS Live is GOM’s tracking system for positioning components, as for a precise alignment on CNC machines or for the adjustment of fixtures. Combined with the GOM Touch Probe, PONTOS Live allows the inspection of areas that are optically difficult to access. 


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    3D Motion and Deformation Sensor


    ARAMIS is a non-contact and material-independent measuring system based on digital image correlation. It offers a stable solution for full-field and point-based analyses of test objects of just a few millimeters up to structural components of several meters in size. 

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    Optical Forming Analysis


    The optimization of sheet metal forming processes, considering the right material choice and tool optimization, is a decisive factor for competitiveness, particularly in the automotive industry. The optical 3D forming analysis system ARGUS supports such optimization processes. 


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