Metrology Software

GOM Software is now ZEISS INSPECT

Same solution, different name

The success story of the GOM software has reached the next milestone: Since 2023, our software has a new name: ZEISS INSPECT.

Staying true to the catchphrase ‘Same solution, different name’, the software remains your industry standard for metrological inspections and evaluations. What do you use to control your measuring system? To perform evaluations? To conduct GD&T analyses? To create your measuring reports? The answer is always the same, just under a new name: ZEISS INSPECT.

What's new?

Although our metrology software will be renamed, it will retain all the features of the GOM software and become even more powerful. This year’s development cycle focused on optimizing and enhancing analysis functions. With Release 2023, new capabilities will be added to ZEISS INSPECT.

ZEISS INSPECT remains the core of our metrology software, enhanced by industry-specific variants. These variants come pre-configured and ready to use for specific applications or tasks. As a result, GOM Inspect for 3D measuring data inspection and evaluation will be renamed ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D. GOM Volume Inspect for volume data analysis will become ZEISS INSPECT X-Ray. GOM Correlate for movement and deformation analysis will be renamed ZEISS INSPECT Correlate. For the aerospace industry, the specialized evaluation features of GOM Blade Inspect will be available in ZEISS INSPECT Airfoil.

The common denominator is clear: ZEISS INSPECT – our metrology software, will be available for all technologies and applications in the future.