Precision Through Innovation
Due to its advanced camera technology, a powerful light source and high-performance software, ATOS 5 achieves a new level of performance, especially when measuring shiny and dark surfaces, fine structures and edges. The technology accelerates the total measuring time while providing precise 3D measuring data at the same time.


Highest Data Quality
With its powerful light source, ATOS 5 delivers high-precision data for a diverse range of manual and automated applications: from tools and molds to plastic and metal parts. The GOM data quality is particularly evident in the detail sharpness of the 3D models, for example, in the precise display of smallest details, rib structures, narrow radii or hemmed edges.

Shop Floor Metrology
The right combination of hardware and software allows for safe integration of 3D metrology into production. The industrial housing is protected against dust and splash water. The whole system ensures fast and interference-free data transfer.

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