The Specialist for 3D Scanning of Large-Volume Parts

Fast, Full-Field Data Acquisition of Large Measuring Areas

Featuring an ultra-bright laser light source and a large measurement area of up to 4 square meters, the ZEISS ATOS LRX provides precise, full-field data quickly, capturing up to 24 million coordinate points in a single scan.


3D Scanning System for Industrial Requirements

The sensor satisfies the stringent metrological requirements of industrial users. The software within the ZEISS Quality Suite guides you through the entire workflow, from data acquisition to inspection and reporting.

All-in-one Software

Scanning, inspection, and reporting in one single software: ZEISS ATOS LRX is managed by ZEISS Quality Suite. The software supports 3D scanning and inspection processes by providing detailed analyses and reporting functions.

Fast Digitization, High-Resolution Data

The ZEISS ATOS LRX delivers precise, high-resolution, full-field data, even for complex geometries and freeform surfaces. Its ultra-bright laser light source and large measuring area reduce the number of scans needed.

Robust Design

Designed for industrial applications, the sensor features a robust housing that is protected against dust and water. To ensure reliable and precise performance even in harsh production environments, the system continuously monitors its own calibration status.


Next Generation Laser Light Source

Equipped with an advanced, ultra-bright laser light source, the ZEISS ATOS LRX enables 3D scans even in normal ambient light conditions. By capturing large measuring areas, it is the premier choice for fast scanning of large surfaces, including those that are dark or shiny, delivering precise, high-resolution data.