For small, complex components of up to 500 mm in size

Injection-molded parts and die-cast components as well as tools, molds, stamping and bending parts often show complex contours and connection geometries which have to be checked during series and batch production ramp-up.

The ATOS ScanBox 4105 is an efficient 3D measuring machine for these applications.




Space saving

All ATOS ScanBox models are characterized by their compact design. The ATOS ScanBox models 4105, 5108 and 5120 do not have to be anchored in the floor of the factory or on special measuring tables. They can easily be transported to the required place within a short period. All that is needed at the location is a power connection.

Plug & Play

The robust machine housing contains all components of the ATOS ScanBox. As a 100 – 240 V power supply is used and the measuring system only weighs approx. 900 kg, it can be used for measuring in almost all premises. Four wheels enable the unproblematic repositioning of the ATOS ScanBox in the factory shop. The sliding door is designed in such a way that the ATOS ScanBox can be loaded with a crane.

High resolution

Small geometries, such as locking hooks or catches for injection-molded parts, are often very important for the function. The ATOS ScanBox 4105 can be used with ATOS sensors with the measuring area of 70 × 50 mm2. As a result, it is possi­ble to measure details that are only several tenths of a millimeter in size.

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